Solaleh’s approach

magine a bush that has little green leaves that have fallen on the ground but when you reach to grab the leaves you will find a hidden deep root that is far too complicated and difficult to get. You will face a difficult task that will make you sweat to move the root just even a tiny bit. To change the young tree, we don't have access to the past so we look forward to the future.

He or she doesn’t belong to us. We wish for this new born baby to grow up with no regret and to be the change she or he wishes to be.  If we knew that manipulating a child's mind would harm instead of help the mental well-being, we would have abandoned those harmful traditions long ago. We can set an example by being silent. we can foster active training by retreating so that our child can recover by herself. If we care about our child's individual responsibility we can help her be responsible and not to be indifferent..

we knew that giving advice is not the right approach to upbringing, teaching is not guiding, caressing is not loving and that pitying is not respecting we could have helped to raise and teach our children more.

we knew that learning doesn't necessarily lead to graduating, planning for future does not mean to loose the moment, and attachment does not mean fixtion, we could have helped our own personal training.

we loved the process of Upbringing, we knew that growth is a constant battle, self-discovery, self-control and continuous self-knowledge.

Based on this we are always obsessed with the question of, how can we do the best for our children?  How can we prepare them for their future which we don't see? The response to these questions is what all the staff and parents in Solaleh child center are looking for.

Solaleh child center has established an innovative approach towards early learning practice which is based on Iranian children's needs regarding to several well-known  educational methods. Methods such as Montessori education in teaching math, Reggio's method in performing different projects, Waldorf's method and many more international approaches to modern education.


First Group

Mother and Child

(Birth up to the 3 years old)


The Second Group

Pre Kindergarden

(3 up to 3.5 years old)


The Third Group

Pre School

(3.5 up to 6 years old)